Individualized Learning

Skills For Life, Inc. is a program for youth (grade 4–young adult) who have a variety of developmental abilities and behavioral dimensions. In keeping with our philosophy of providing programming that supports the whole individual, we provide a framework for youth to improve social skills used at school or work settings, and also within other community settings.


Our curriculum is personalized to help youth improve social skills in three main areas: 


At Home

We work closely with families and other support services a child may already have in place to design predictable routines, schedules and behavioral support systems.  Youth can practice and build skills they need to eventually live independently.


At School

The social settings of school can often be a struggle for young people.  Skills For Life, Inc. can offer behavioral support plans that work.


Each plan is designed specifically for the needs of the individual.


Direct communication with schools is a part of each plan as well as after school support services. 


At Work

We also offer goal setting and support services for young people in the work force.  We can work directly with a young person's employer to create successful behavioral and skill learning support plans. 


To learn more about our inclusive environment and individualized approach, please contact us.

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