Guided Learning and Fun!

The Explorer Club at Playschool was created for kids from five to 12 years old, and it includes:


•     Before/After School Care

•     School Days Off Care

•     Summer Recreation Program


Our teacher-to-child ratio for the Explorer Club is 1:15.


The Explorer Club provides inspiring programing!  The program is designed to capture a child's natural ability to be curious.  Hands on project based learning is every day in Explorer Club!  Youth are offered opportunities to discover their own interests through exposure to many different types of activities.


In the Explorer Club, classrooms themes are changed out every four weeks. Kids anticipate the changes with a sense of wonder. What will it be this time? A farm in the countryside? A cooking school in France? A lodge hidden deep in the woods?


Everything in our classrooms and outdoor play areas has purpose. A small tree trunk with its root system still intact and hanging from the ceiling might be a small addition to this month’s theme, but it also serves as a science lesson, an opportunity to learn about plants and their root systems.


Youth develop a sense of ownership and pride and learn responsibility, by feeding and watering pets and by participating in creating and maintaining vegetable and herb gardens.  Explorer Club helps youth develop their individuality and at the same time, their sense of community.


For more information about enrollment or to schedule a tour of our facilities, contact us.

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