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At Playschool Child Care, Inc., we believe that children really do live what they learn, and everything we do is centered around giving kids the skills and tools they need to succeed in school and life. 


We do this by fostering a sense of community.  The community we build together establishes boundaries for kids, creating emotional safety.  We strive each day for kids to experience a sense of belonging to a community. It’s not just our teachers and staff who are invested in your child’s success, but a whole community. The result is a child care center with a network of resources and tools that nurture the whole child. The result is confident, healthy, happy kids.  


Some of our community partnerships come in the form of funding from grants that enable us to expand and enrich our programs.


We were able to build a peace rain garden with the help of an NGA education grant and a Muhammad Ali Center Peace Garden Grant. This was also an opportunity to teach our young gardeners about environmental responsibility and awareness. 


We value our community partnerships, and benefit from donations from parents and other community members. Parents often donate things like cereal boxes, egg cartons, and clean soup cans for art projects. Community organizations often partner with us to donate items we need for project based learning.  They also donate small appliances for Take-Apart Day, where kids wear goggles and use tools to figure out how things work.


Everything we do is to give kids opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed.

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